Peripheral Neuropathy

Heal the root cause of pain and numbness and reclaim quality of life

Peripheral Neuropathy

Heal the root cause of pain and numbness and reclaim quality of life​

Living with pain causes complications far greater than discomfort

When pain becomes paralysis: The perils of peripheral neuropathy

The peripheral nervous system plays an important role in connecting brain to body, as its network of sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves communicate sensations like pain and touch, control muscles, and regulate automatic functions such as blood pressure. When these nerves are damaged, often due to injury, infection, and most commonly, diabetes, the brain receives messages of pain, numbness, and in some cases, even paralysis. Not only does this cause extreme discomfort and degraded quality of life in the day-to-day (many patients report feeling sharp jabbing, throbbing, or burning sensations), but over time, symptoms can worsen, leaving extremities at risk of infection, as you may be less likely to feel complications. Unfortunately, the most common treatments for peripheral neuropathy rely on powerful steroids and prescription painkillers — a means to suppress symptoms rather than heal the problem.

Get to the root cause of peripheral neuropathy

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Through our collection of integrative and holistic treatments, we offer patients at Michigan Health and Wellness a way to address the root cause of peripheral neuropathy and find both short-term relief and long-lasting healing. Since peripheral neuropathy can affect any of the three types of peripheral nerves, symptoms can manifest differently for each individual. Our medical team will work with you to determine the right combination of therapies for your case, which may include Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Cold Laser Therapy, and/or Shockwave Therapy. These non-invasive solutions utilize the latest light, energy, and pressure wave technology to improve range of motion, stimulate tissue repair, and restore the body’s natural healing abilities without causing further complications or dependency.

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Rodney shares about his experience using Peripheral Neuropathy Shockwave Therapy at Michigan Health & Wellness Center.

Prevent disease progression and worsening symptoms

Reclaim your quality of life without risking further complications

Finding relief from the chronic pain of peripheral neuropathy without risking the complicated and addictive side effects of prescription steroids and painkillers can feel next to impossible. But there ARE other options — we’ve seen firsthand the difference a personalized regimen of holistic therapies can make for patients with all kinds of symptoms and intensity levels. If you’re ready to get back to a life unlimited by pain and numbness, reach out to our team to find out how we can help.

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