Our Approach

We help patients from all walks of life overcome chronic disease and pain with Functional Medicine in Traverse City.

Our Approach

We help patients from all walks of life overcome chronic disease and pain with Functional Medicine in Traverse City.

Doctor Tony performs cold laser therapy to female patient's stomach

Receive Personalized Care with Functional Medicine

Comprehensive Functional Medicine

At Michigan Health and Wellness we are working to revolutionize the way patients approach their health and well-being through Functional Medicine. This cutting-edge medical practice seeks to identify and address the root causes of chronic conditions, offering personalized solutions that focus on nutrition, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation.

We work closely with patients by providing expert advice on stress management techniques, exercise routines, sleep hygiene, detoxification, nutrition and more which ultimately improve quality of life. Research has shown that simple lifestyle changes can improve health outcomes and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Doctor Tony performs cold laser therapy to female patient's stomach
Doctor Tony checks on the pain and range of motion of male patient's left arm

Receive Personalized Care with Functional Medicine

Healing for the Whole Person

At Michigan Health and Wellness, our philosophy is simple: treat the person, not just the symptoms. Band-aids are great for surface-level scratches, but deep-rooted illnesses and injuries require deeper solutions, and these solutions are rarely one-size-fits-all. Our goal is to equip you with the treatments, tools, and techniques you need to restore health and promote long-term wellbeing. That means we take our time to survey both the big picture and fine details of your unique situation, considering how the whole body works together and influences your health and quality of life. From the musculoskeletal system to neurological assessments to food sensitivities, we leave no stone unturned in our endeavor to find the solution that works both for you and with you — so you can find lasting healing and return to the life you love.

30+ Years of Experience and Expertise in Functional Medicine

Meet Dr. Tony Aboudib

Director of Michigan Health and Wellness, Dr. Tony Aboudib has been helping patients restore health and quality of life for over 32 years. After receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Tony soon expanded his studies to include a multitude of specialties. As a result, his expertise in functional medicine, functional neurology, herbs and botanicals, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, genetics, and thermometry have allowed him to offer the most comprehensive solutions possible, far beyond the scope of traditional chiropractic care. Through his extensive skill set, he has been able to help patients from all walks of life and with all types of ailments identify the root causes of their conditions and find long-lasting healing.

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