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Don't let your diagnosis get in the way of living your life to the fullest!

Diagnoses We Treat​

Don’t let your diagnosis get in the way of living your life to the fullest!


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Getting into an accident or finding out about an underlying condition can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to mean you stop living your life the way you want. Let us help you take control of your diagnosis and get back to living life to the fullest!

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3 Critical Ways Functional Medicine Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death globally, responsible for over 17 million deaths each year. While conventional medicine focuses solely on managing the symptoms of cardiovascular disease, functional medicine takes a holistic approach to healthcare that aims to identify and address the root cause of health problems. This

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5 Ways Thermometry Can Help You Stay Healthy and Prevent Disease

Thermometry is a non-invasive, functional test of the body’s organs that utilizes infrared technology, 30+ years of research data, and over 100,000 patient assessments to identify specific patterns of disease. Through powerful diagnostic tools like this one, we’re able to help patients at Michigan Health and Wellness set the most

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