Conventional Medicine Limits Healing Options for Thyroid Patients

Conventional Medicine Limits Healing Options for Thyroid Patients

According to the American Thyroid Association, more than

12% of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition at some point in life.

Unfortunately, most of these patients will experience a standard of care that focuses solely on masking symptoms and does not address the root cause of disease. In fact, the only tools that traditional medicine utilizes for thyroid issues are basic testing and prescription medications (which often create even more health complications down the line).

These limitations leave patients to fight the uphill battle of advocating for their own health in a surface-level system, all while dealing with significant health problems.

Functional Medicine Offers More Tools for Thyroid Diseases

Endocrine gland

The Thyroid

Hormones and regulates metabolism, influences every cell, tissue, and organ in the body and directly impacts critical bodily functions, such as energy level and heart rate. When thyroid functioning is impaired, such as the case with hyperthyroidism,

hypothyroidism, and a range of other complications, patients may deal with a range of serious symptoms that drastically affect quality of life, including: forgetfulness, extreme weight gain or loss, depression, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, muscle weakness, sleep disturbances, and vision problems, to name a few.

Doctor Tony prepares male patient for Theta Chamber treatment

A New Way to Treat Thyroid Conditions

A Holistic Treatment

Doctor Tony prepares male patient for Theta Chamber treatment

Functional medicine is a holistic treatment philosophy that considers the medical, physical, neurological, and psychological aspects of an individual’s health, functional medicine focuses on treating the whole person rather than isolated diseases.

After identifying the root cause of disease, a thorough treatment protocol is developed to help provide relief from existing symptoms without causing additional damage or side effects.

Male patient reading magazine while sitting in the Hyperbaric Cube Chamber

Our Approach to Thyroid

Therapies and Approach

Male patient reading magazine while sitting in the Hyperbaric Cube Chamber

By utilizing a combination of therapies and approaching healing from every possible avenue, functional medicine offers more tools to patients with thyroid diseases and maximizes healing odds. Using this approach, we’ve been able to successfully treat patients with thyroid issues and immune disorders at Michigan Health and Wellness for more than 30 years.

As the leaders for functional medicine in Traverse City, we’re proud to offer patients the most comprehensive protocols and highest level of care, including deep diagnostics and a thorough treatment protocol that involves nutrition, lifestyle factors, pre-existing conditions, and more.

The 3 Pillars of Functional Medicine for Thyroid

Deep Diagnostic

We go beyond the status quo
to get a full and clear picture of
your thyroid health.

Finding the
Root Cause

By looking at environmental, lifestyle, and diagnostic factors we work to find the root cause.


Every person is different, and that is why our treatments and therapies are specific to your needs and diagnosis.


You Deserve to Utilize EVERY Available Tool for Your Healing

Common knowledge tells us to approach even minor health complications, like colds and flus, on multiple fronts: get lots of rest (support your immune system), drink lots of fluids (detox), eat some soup and take some vitamin C (ensure proper nutrition).

In these cases, it’s second nature for us to do everything in our power to restore health — so why should we settle for pigeon-holed treatment when health complications are even more serious? You deserve comprehensive, sustainable healing. Our functional medicine approach has helped countless patients from all walks of life find just that.


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Thyroid Association, more than

What’s Possible for You at Michigan Health & Wellness

As a patient at Michigan Health and Wellness, you’ll receive the most comprehensive treatment for thyroid complications available anywhere.

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Thyroid issues are becoming more and more prevalent in society. If you or a loved one is experiencing thyroid complications, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) settle for anything less than the most comprehensive care available. Contrary to what conventional medicine offers, there are many treatment options available that can help you prevent, restore, and stabilize thyroid imbalances while also benefiting your entire body.

Learn how functional medicine at Michigan Health and Wellness can help you get to the root cause of thyroid disease and finally, fully heal.

Doctor Tony and Shirley Aboudib together smiling