Arm & Elbow Pain

Don't let arm and elbow pain stop you from enjoying the precious moments in life!

Arm & Elbow Pain​

Don’t let arm and elbow pain stop you from enjoying the precious moments in life!

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Elbow pain is a condition that occurs in the elbow joint of the arm.  It can affect both the young and old, and commonly occurs from overuse injuries among athletes and those with physical and repetitive jobs.  If left untreated elbow pain can limit your ability to do the things you love and eventually progress into back and neck pain or other issues like tingling or numbness in the hands.

Treatment can help reduced pain and discomfort, decrease inflammation, reduce need for addictive drugs & NSAID’s to control pain & swelling. It can also help improve range of motion, flexibility and increase muscle tone and strength.

Doctor Tony checks on the pain and range of motion of male patient's left arm

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General overview of Arm & Elbow Pain Treatment

Come in for an examination with Dr. Tony and potentially take x-rays of the area. 

Elbow pain and tennis elbow can usually be treated with traditional chiropractic care, electrical muscle stimulation and heat.  Additionally, cold laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy as well as Pressurewave / Shockwave therapy can help to break up adhesions and encourage tissue regeneration.