Leg & Knee Pain

Don't let leg and knee pain hold you back!

Leg & Knee Pain​

Don’t let leg and knee pain hold you back!​

Don't Let Knee Pain Stop You From Being You!

Find Relief For Your Legs and Knees

Knee pain is often the result of an injury, but it can also be caused by overuse, a condition such as arthritis or even regular wear-and-tear due to aging. The most common type of knee pain is a simple aching sensation underneath the kneecap or around the knee joint.

Usually, day-to-day activities don’t cause problems, but when knee pain starts, it might just be from something you regularly do. Most of us will have minor knee pain at some point in our lives.

But most knee pain, knee problems and knee injuries come from sports injuries, recreational activities, work injuries or even home projects. Not all knee pain is serious. But some knee injuries and medical conditions, including osteoarthritis, can lead to more pain, more damage and even disability if left untreated.

And having a knee injury — even a minor one — makes it more likely that you’ll have similar injuries in the future. Knee pain varies in location as well as severity. 

Doctor Tony performs shockwave therapy on female patient's knee

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General Treatment of Leg and Knee Pain

First we need to find the cause of your knee pain. We will check your knees for swelling and pain, temperature and color changes and range of motion. We may take an X-ray to get images of your knee and order an MRI to check on the soft tissue surrounding it.

Through a thorough exam and diagnostic testing, we’ll find out where the problem is originating. Treatment options range from therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser, light manipulation and light knee decompression.

Knee adjustments and knee decompressions don’t hurt! There’s no twisting or bending as the joint is realigned. Along with the adjustments, there may be exercises, and laser treatments. Dr. Aboudib has treated patients suffering from knee pain for 27 years.