Neck Pain

Let us help you discover a neck pain free life!

Neck Pain

Let us help you discover a neck pain free life!

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Neck pain can be the result of injury, but it can also simply be a result of normal life — whether leaning into your computer at work, sleeping on a poor pillow, or even carrying your children around.

Neck pain can be very troublesome. Symptoms can stretch into your upper back and even down into your arms. May cause headaches, numbness in your arms, or even limit the ability to move your head.

Chiropractic neck adjustments, called cervical manipulation help to loosen up the vertebrae in your neck, which can help reduce the pain and free up muscle pain.

Most neck pain can be improved with cervical manipulation, but it is important to work with your doctor if the pain is prolonged without relief from the treatment.

Some additional causes of neck pain can be muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, injuries, or even more serious diseases.

Besides regular cervical manipulation, you can also support your neck health by using good posture both while sitting or standing, using a pillow that supports your neck properly, avoid carrying heavy objects with straps over your shoulder, or even tucking the phone between your neck and ear.

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Overview of Neck Pain Treatment

We will begin with a thorough examination, including questions about your pain and its source, as well as what you have tried to alleviate it thus far. Dr. Aboudib will observe your posture, your range of motion and your general physical condition. He’ll feel your spine, noting its shape and alignment, and check for muscle spasms. Shoulders and arms are an integral part of a neck exam as well.

A neurological exam will involve your reflexes, muscle strength, nerve changes and the scope of the pain. Other tests, such as X-rays or a CT scan, may be ordered. Imaging can show whether there are disc problems, bone spurs or arthritis.

An adjustment, also called cervical manipulation, may be the next course of action. The joints of the neck are adjusted to increase mobility. Patients quickly notice a wider range of motion and decreased pain.

Treatment also can include spinal decompression of the pinched nerves. To get the pressure off the neck exercises and clinical massage. Muscles of the neck physical conditioning. Sometimes simple traction devices are needed.